Its not whats on the outside but whats on the inside

Hello fellow bloggers

The title which i have written is kind of true but not in a major way. Yes it is important to know how people are on the inside. But to first know what people are like on the inside you must first know them, and it is this idea of getting to know them. In my opinion it is very important what they are like on the outside because what they are like on the outside is what is attracting you to this person. So when people say it is what is on the inside yes this is true but it is equally important what they are like on the outside.



I recentlly watched this movie and to be honest and the end of the film i felt it didnt add to the suspense that was already created throughout the whole film. However the dark gloomy scenes are very effective and any one who has seen this movie will know what I am talking about when i speak about the thrill ride it gives you. Brad Pitt is Unbelievablely good in his role as a cocky young police detective who will stop at nothing to win this big case. Morgan Freeman is great as well in his role as the elderly experienced detective who wants nothing to do with anyone else and prefers working at these cases by himself. This is his last case, at the start of the movie you see that he has no respect for any of the other officers but with Pitt this changes as they begin to realise they want the same thing ‘justice’. Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing as well although she did not have amajor role the scenes she was in were very very good. She begins to have a relationship with the charcater of freeman.  The reason of this relationship is one thing they both have in common and that is loneliness. This is a great film full of intesnse scenes and a thrill ride which you will feel until the sudden end of the film that not even the actors in the film could possibly have predicted. The movie is rated 9/10